Jaramy Eugene Wilson is a Business Advisor, Self-Mastery Expert, and Soul Scientist.

Over the past 20 years, Jaramy has mentored and advised nearly 15,000 entrepreneurs. He’s been a secret weapon of success for many iconic leaders ranging from Fortune 100 companies, pro-athletes, and celebrities, to CEOs and executive leaders.

To most, he’s been known for creating 7- and 8- figure increases in business revenue in short periods of time. Although his business acumen is still a zone of his excellence, he is now most known for his mastery and pioneering pursuits in the soul sciences.

He continues to privately advise some of the top minds in business today. His gifts are in understanding consciousness and self-mastery at an individual’s depth of personality.

SOULDIERS INC, a private company he co-founded, has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs find their internal power and learn tools to live a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Jaramy is the co-founder of Rising Icon and the Icon Accelerator. He also owns multiple technology and software-based companies and has a passion for scaling and selling businesses online.

His greatest passion is building a family with his wife Rayla in Sedona, Arizona where they are raising two amazing kids.